Racing for America, A Short History

1984: Founded by current RfA President Jim O'Bryan, Racing for America(R) was a non-profit organization, raising grassroots support for promising, young, American drivers competing both in the United States and worldwide.
1985: Racing for America(R) drivers won prestigious races: The British F3 series (training ground for Formula One drivers where we also competed against other Racing for programs), Super Veer, Sports Renault, and Formula Ford. An astonishing amount of positive press and goodwill were generated no matter where we competed. Drivers for RfA and other Racing for programs became a focal point in the series as the international competitions took on an Olympic feel.
1986: RfA moved to the American Racing Series (training ground for IndyCar drivers, now Indy Lights), Showroom Stock (with the Porsche factory team), Formula Three, and Formula 3000 in Europe, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Macau, again generating huge amounts of positive press for both the program and our drivers.
1987: RfA was the first American-based team ever to compete in Formula Three in Italy, continuing many of it's programs in the US. The program grew too large to be supported by private donations. Jim O'Bryan's computer design business grew exponentially, with clients from Cleveland, Houston, Anchorage, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and London, demanding most of his time and RfA was sadly tabled.
1994: Reformed Racing for America, In. lays the foundation for a program that will stand the test of time. RfA now provides a steadying hand to a America's most promising drivers. Stepping in to help American Zak Brown in four rounds of British Formula 3, one round of the Player's Toyota Formula Atlantic Championship. RfA also underwrote the U.S.A. team in the prestigious GM-Opel/Lotus Nations Cup V, entering Zak and Mary Kaczor(first woman to compete). RfA's TEAM U.S.A. went on to score the highest finish by an American team. We also worked with Tony Renna(Barber Ford, Barber Dodge, F3 test), Jeff Bucknum (Barber Dodge), Paul Dallenbach (Pikes Peak, British F3, Anchorage Rally), Louis Zervigon (Barber Dodge, British F3). Not bad for 5 months!
1995: Racing for America's drivers take top spots around the globe, while RfA creates The U.S.A.'s first open wheel team competing in Europe in 25 years! The RfA Opel Euroseries team with Shan Groff. Later in the year RfA would test NASCAR sensation Jerry Nadeau. RfA drivers would show well and win in British F3, Formula Opel, Formula Atlantic, Barber Dodge, Formula Ford 2000, and IndyLights.
1996:Co-winner of the top driver award, Memo Gidley, is also chosen for a Formula 3 race, after taking the second spot in the hot Formula Ford 2000 Championship. Other top spot winner, Tony Renna, goes on to win Barber Ford Ford Championship, The Barber Dodge Pro Series Big Scholarship, and has a tremendous string of four races in the British Formula 3 Championship, leading in his last race. Jeff Bucknum wins in Barber Dodge, and RfA's top ten include Jeff Shafer, and Paul Edwards.
1997: RfA starts off running with Jerry Nadeau testing very fast in his Formula Opel test. Plans are made to run the full season if funding can be found. Funding runs out after eight races, but Nadeau makes a HUGE impression on the racing world. Racing for Worldwide formed, to help bring all "Racing for" programs together.
Racing for America is turning to American business to sponsor and/or
co-sponsor a group of promising American drivers throughout the year in a variety of prestigious series. We plan to enter drivers in the British F3
series, the European F3 and F3000, and the Opel Lotus series as we did in
previous years. In the US, we plan to work with America's finest drivers in Formula Atlantic, Barber Saab, Indy Lights, and other important series.
We return to motor sports to help not only American drivers compete on a more even playing field around the world, but also address the other troubling issues concerning America's lack of presence in motor sports worldwide. We have planned an ambitious program for 1999 and 2000.
Contact: Racing for America,
In North America; 1.800.590.7223, FAX, or write, RfW, PO BOX 770274, Cleveland Ohio, 44107, USA.




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