How Are Drivers Chosen?

Every membership form has an area for members to nominate three drivers they feel deserve support and recognition from Racing for America, Inc. RfA will also have other promotions and contests throughout the year to gather driver names. From this group, we will form a short list of drivers to be voted on by our members. This group will be pared down to a minimum of three drivers in each category. The final ballot will then be sent to professionals in the motor sports community, media, professional race team managers and team personnel, track owners, series organizers, etc., for a final vote. This vote will be used to select Racing for America's Most Promising Drivers for the following year.
We also have plans to build an Emergency Fund. This will make funding and support available to promising American drivers who have their careers brought to an abrupt halt because of sponsors or teams pulling out, and extra set of tires, crash damage, etc.. These problem havw cut short more promising careers then we care to think about. The allocation of these funds will be based on a decision by the governing board of RfA.
If you have any questions about Racing for America's programs, promotions or plans for the future please feel free to call: 01.216.228.RACE(7223) or Toll-Free 01.800.590.7223.

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