How Does It Work?

Racing for America, Inc. relies heavily on private patrons. Through sheer
strength in numbers, RfA has been able to make the positive impact that we
hoped would be seen from this program. Our members are the backbone of the organization; providing help, support, and funding all year long. It is not uncommon to see our promotions manned and even planned by RfA members and our sponsors.
Private patrons may be the backbone of the organization, but corporate
patrons and sponsors are certainly the muscle. Racing for America has turned to US corporations and companies involved in the sport to step forward and join our members in backing America's best talent. The program has been designed to allow any company that thinks RfA's goals are worthwhile, to join at a level where they feel comfortable. We also ask these companies to offer their goods and services at a reduced rate to other RfA members and sponsors. All of our corporate members are invited to join in our promotions and offer their products or services as incentives and prizes in our promotions or contests.
Throughout the year, Racing for America, Inc. will hold a number of
promotions and fund raising events at various race tracks and racing venues around the United States and the world. RfA will also work outside the motorsports arena, making our presence known in many areas where motor racing is not usually seen. This gives RfA, its drivers and sponsors, a chance to be seen and get their messages to the public in a whole new way.
Racing for America, Inc. plans a full line of souvenirs and clothing that
will be marketed through advertising and on-track promotions, as well as
wholesaled to tracks, series, and drivers for resale. RfA will be soliciting
businesses to advertise in our magazine, "Racing
for USA/Don't Tread on Thee!"




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