The Green Flag has Dropped...

The rest is now up to all of us.


For the average person wishing to join America's's oldest and most successful private membership motorsports/scholarship group, it is easy and very inexpensive. Now for less than the cost of a couple cigs a day, you can be a team entrant and patron.

Now I do not want to get into the big tobacco debate. But the point should have been well made. For almost no impact on you personally, another one or two American drivers can climb into a Formula Atlantic, Formula 3, Formula Opel car, setting their sites on the F1 drive only a few will get. RfA has been America's most successful American based team competing worldwide since 1984. Chaulking up wins in F3000 (Japan), F3(England, Japan, Macau), IndyLights, Formula Pacific, Formula Ford(England, North America), Super Vee, Sports Cars, Sports Renault, and others. If it hadn't been for RfA, would any American be able to say this, NO! Isn't it time you joined?

Only one thing can beat the excitement of placing a few dollars on a sporting event. That small wager really makes a person feel like part of the action. Imagine now, the best feeling, being a part of the REAL action, a patron, in a top level team, competing on an international level.

And you get a sticker, discounts, and a party to boot!

Drop us a line today and get your sign up kit.

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