Driver Eligibility

There are a few simple rules governing drivers eligibility in RfA which we
outline here:
1) All drivers receiving money, help, scholarships, or other assistance will
wear a (Sponsor) RfA patch in a conspicuous place at all times when
competing. It will also be displayed on the race vehicles. If there is any
sponsor conflict, we will sit down with all parties to try and work out a
solution. Final decisions will rest with the Governing Board and/or Board of Directors. We also want the drivers to display the (Sponsor) RfA logo when not competing on clothing, hats, stickers, etc.
2) We ask that drivers follow the above rule until one of the following
conditions are reached:
a) Drivers repay all funds received from RfA, interest free.
b) Drivers retire from racing. Although we hope these
drivers will continue wearing the logo and
supporting the program.
Although this sounds harsh, it really is a very fair system. If a driver's
career fizzles for any reason, he owes the program nothing. Conversely, if
the driver succeeds in racing, the wearing of our logo or the repayment of
funds received, is a small price to pay. All money received from drivers
buying out of the program will go directly back into the driver's award
3) A time limit of three years per series (or a total of six years in the
program) has been set; drivers must then move on or get out.
If a driver won a RfA scholarship for three years in F3000, he would have to move on to F1 or IndyCars, and thereby leave the program. A driver could do one year in Barber Saab, one year in Formula Atlantic, two years in Formula 3, one year in Formula 3000, and one year in Indy Lights. He would not be eligible for any more funding (the exception being emergency funding, which can only be decided by the Board). This saves the program from professional drivers turning RfA into a career.
4) All drivers and participants in RfA will be required to submit to random drug testing. We realize this infringes on personal freedom, however, for the sake of the program and sponsors, we must ask all to agree to this clause. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
5) All drivers will be asked to make themselves accessible to RfA and other
Racing for programs for a set amount of time each year. This could include Racing for programs not sponsoring that particular driver. Drivers will be used for media events, sponsor events, advertising, public relations,
testing, etc. The amount of time required will be outlined in the driver
agreement, and signed by all parties.
There will be a minimum amount of time expected from the drivers. Of course, if they want to give more time; fine. The amount of time required from drivers will be based on amount of funding received from RfA programs.




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