Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I find something?

The Racing for Worldwide Motorsports Directory is a series of 35 huge databases, that work together to created virtual pages on the fly. Everyday these DBases are updated, added to, and refined. To get the big picture, go to the "Schedule DBase" pull down the menu until the "CART - Fed-Ex Championship" and click on the search button. The CART FED-Ex Schedule will appear. The track names are LIVE links. For this example click on "Cleveland, current." What appears is the first of 5 pages on that track, including: address, map, size, type, website address and a "Photo" button. Clicking on the photo button will bring up a thumbnails of any photos we have in our DBase by our photographers or fans that sent them in. There are also two buttons at the bottom of "Contact Info" and "Travel Info"
Clicking on the "Contact Button" will bring up all the information you need to contact the track for everything from tickets to information. Phone numbers, fax numbers, contact names, addresses, etc.
The "Travel Information" button will bring up everything you need to make your next trip to that track enjoyable. Mapping Utilities( Information on ho to get from your house to the track), Weather (current, 3, 5 and 7 day forecasts), hotels, restaurants, clubs, service stations and TIPS from fans like you.
We ask all fans to make this site better for the next person to use it. How? just click on the comment/tip button on any page. Tips in 1999 included fast ways out of Silverstone, to parties held, and hotel deals. Help your fellow race fan, leave your tip today.
All DBases work like this. If it is underlined, it will take you deeper into the site.

2) What is Racing for Worldwide?

Racing for Worldwide is an organization formed to help other countries and individual form their own "Racing for" programs. It was also created as a natural extension of "Racing for" programs as a way for each club to help other "Racing for" clubs.

3) What is a "Racing for" Club?

"Racing for" was first coined and used by Steve Sydenham, back in the 70s with his "Racing for Britain" program. In the 1983 Jim O'Bryan worked with Steve to bring his ideas to the USA with "Racing for America." To this day both programs have been instrumental in helping some of the stars of today and tomorrow. What makes these programs so unique is that they are comprised of good race fans, that have banded together to help young-promising drivers from their countries up the racing ladder. Graduates from this program include: Johnny Herbert (F1), Martin Brundle (F1), Jonathan Palmer (F1), Ross Cheever (F3000, CART), Scott Atchison (CART), Jerry Nadeau (NASCAR), Tony Renna (IndyLights), and many, many others.

4) Where did the directory come from?

The Racing for Worldwide Motorsports Directory was first released in 1984 as a software package for the Macintosh computer. Hundreds of copies were sold with profits going to help young drivers, helping Ross Cheever in Formula 3, and Indy Lights. In 1985 we signed onto Compuserve, and a little known item called the Internet. It was decided to bring the whole project on-line to share with race fans everywhere. Since then we have asked all that surf through our portal, our members and fans to help and add their information, and boy have they. Each day we get up to 200 tips, suggestions, links, photos, whatever. Each one is checked by staff that posted for all to see.

5) How is it supported?

First it is supported through the clubs and their sponsors. Second it is supported through RfW's own sponsors that have signed on long-term to see this project grow. We would especially like to thank, AGS, ITN, and Rossman and Associates Law Firm. Third through the sale of RfW and "Racing for" merchandise. Finally, advertisers, even though we do not permit banners or ads in the Directory, we do have some in the club section, on our sponsor page, in our printed magazine and of course on the race cars we run.

6) What makes this site different from the others.

FIRST REASON - We would like to believe two things, first. If we all leave one piece of good info on restaurants, hotels, bars, whatever around our favorite tracks, the information adds up and can make a difference in the next race fan's visit to the same track..
SECOND REASON - We put our money where our heart and mouth is.
"Racing for" programs generate money for young drivers to go racing, we participate, we are on the track trying to make racing better for everyone.





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