What is Racing for Worldwide?

First let's explain the "Racing for" Concept.

When Racing for Britain was started in 1977 by Steve Sydenham, the idea was for race fans to join together, and find talented and promising drivers from Fromula Three, and assist them any way they could in their eventful and expensive climb up the motorsports ladder. By thousands of fans joining together at a cost of a magazine subscription, young British driver's careers were formed, and often saved, by this dedicated group of race fans. Who? Do the names Martin Brundle, Johnny Herbert, Jonathan Palmer, Damon Hill mean anything to you. Racing for Britain and their members actually have changed the entire look of Formula One and racing around the world for over a decade!

In 1984 Racing for America was started with a bang, jumping in to work with Joe Foster and Ross Cheever in the Prestigious British F3 series. It was a very hard road to travel. There was almost no mention of F3 in North American publications, and news would have to travel through word of mouth. But with perserverance RfA's members were already starting to make inroads into racing overseas. Ross brought RfA three wins in British F3, Joe Foster had a solid but finanacial troubled year as well. Soon there were "Racing for" programs popping up in other countries - Paul Radisch and Racing for New Zealand, Eddie Jordan's Racing for Ireland, and Minister Racing Engine's Racing for Spain, to name but a few.

Steve Sydenham and RfA's Jim O'Bryan were already finding the greats benefits of working together. As a group teams and fans could assit another clubs drivers in a variety outside of money. RfB would often help with PR, lodging, collecting items for auction, making contacts, even arrainging testing for RfA drivers. While in the US, RfA memebers were opening doors to allow RfB drivers to stay during their travels to the United States, and likewise help with food, travel, contacts, testing. There was no real conflict of interest, it was simply race fans helping some of the most promising drivers at the amatur level. A motor sports "Olympic" group. So why not make it official. Almost 15 years after RfA had joined with RfB, they founded Racing for Worldwide. An umbrella group for "Racing for" programs around the world. Possibily the single greatest tool a promising young driver can have in their climb to the top of the motorsports arena.

We ask other Rf programs to agree to just two things.

1) That the program is not being run for the benefit of any single driver or team.

2) We can can count on their help, management and resources in their countries.

Remember when you see the name "Racing for" it stand for fans, taking an active stance on racing.

Proving, the race fan can have a HUGE impact on motor racing from Karts to Formula One.

Take the time, stop and become a member.

e-mail at: racingfor.com

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