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T-Shirt/Sony Playstation Contest 1999

Each week we will be awarding a T-Shirt (100% Cotton) to the person that sends in the best race track information or tip. At the end of the year we will take votes for the best race tip of the year, and award that person a Sony Playstation with 5 of the best racing games out there, including NASCAR 99, 99 F1, CART, Test Drive 5, & Colin McCrae Rally. At the bottome of every race track page is a box for you to add your tip, and win.

A Tip:

Watkins Glen - Great Breakfast at Glen Motor Inn


Good Tip:

Watkins Glen - Glen Motor Inn, 3380 State Road, Watkins Glen NY, 1.607.535.2706. Great Breakfast, Clean Rooms, a favorite with teams and drivers.


Great Tip:

Watkins Glen - Taughannock Falls State Park 10 miles from the track has great FREE hot showers. The easiest way to get there is: Head to Trumansburg, and continue through town, following the signs. As you go through Trumansburg you will pass the Rongovian Embassy, and other nice shops.


Winning Tip:

Watkins Glen - Taughannock Falls State Park 10 miles from the track has great showers. As you pass through the village of Trumansburg there is a little bar called the Rongovian Embassy. It featues very very edible food, and over 300 diferent beers, ales, and lagers from around the world. The address for Taughannock Falls State Park is off State Route 227

Address for Rongovian Embassy is: 1 West Main Street, Trumansburg, New York Telephone Number:1.607.387.3334, website @


RfW Sticker Contests

You can mail RfW your track tip, and still win. Everyone that mails a track tip to RfW, PO Box 770274, Cleveland, Ohio 44107 will be entered. Enclose a self addressed stamped envelope and you will recieve an assortment of stickers, just like the ones we use on our race cars!
Or just send the self addressed stamped envelope and get a sticker, FREE!


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